The Many Types Of Subcultures And The Alternative Clothing They Wear

5Throughout history fashion has represented individuals of various sub groups and played a huge role in defining the individuals or group they represent. We often do not realize the importance of our fashion trends among each sub culture, age range, demographic, etc.. though these trends speak volumes through self expression and  symbolism. Fashion trends tend to group by decade among each subgroup and social class as all the circumstances, and influences of that era influence them. Lets see each type of apparel in depth and look at the details of the changes throughout each decade.

Beginning with different occupations, we have various styles with commonalities among them.  An example would be with government occupations that often wear clothing that expresses authority with shoulder straps, badges, bold and serious colors and more. This can be seen in some government jobs where the clothing tends to show authority with badges, titles, and shoulder straps. Police officers and soldiers are easily identified by the style of their uniforms. Plumbers, electricians, contractors, construction workers and more, can be identified by their heavy clothing with company logos. When you see an individual wearing a nice suit, clothing or nice accessories such as watches or jewelry, you can assume they are in a white color job because of their apparel. Business, Finance, Fine dining, and a few others are often the industries known as white collar careers.

Trends among clothing often stem from sub groups and social classes. These can be summed up in these categories: bohemian style, arty, chic, classic, exotic, flamboyant, glamourous, sexy, romantic, sophisticated, western, traditional, preppy, punk, tomboy, rocker, and goth. The sub groups of those such as: gothic, punk, rocker, are considered non mainstream or alternative apparel. Alternative clothing is known for apparel that stands out from every other group, often being outlandish and very unique. Between gothic, punk, rocker, and other listed alternative clothing types, they are very different in their styles.

Let’s examine each one in more detail, beginning with Punk clothing. Punk began in the 1970’s and was defined by its sharpness and creative elements. A lot of spandex, leopard print, leather, and strange combinations categories punk wear accurately. Gothic clothing derives from a subculture that has a morbid and dark sense that uses much black, dark eyeliner, and some punk characteristics.

These styles of clothing reveal much about the wearer and therefore, you can learn much about someone simply by how they dress. You can generally get an idea of what subgroup they tend to relate most often with and their wear often reveals many cues about them. It is amazing how much you can learn about a person based simply off their clothing!


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