Exactly What Is Alternative Clothing?  

Street Style Day 2 - MBFWA S/S 2013Clothing and fashion as a whole has no strict guidance that has been produced for people to adhere to. Mainstream commercials will however set a trend that most people come to accept as the existing clothing or fashion of the time. The set fashion will however vary with the varying cultures and the industry in focus. Being that different people will have different tastes and preferences, it is notable to say that what one person can consider as mainstream clothing and thus normal, another person will consider as alternative.

If you search the words ‘alternative clothing through any search engine, goth and emo clothing will top the listing you can find. Therefore, if only at a glance one can easily come to the conclusion that these are right clothing to consider as alternative clothing. This should however not be the case if you look at it differently. Why? You might ask. Well, to a goth or emo, that is their usual way of dressing thus there is nothing alternative in it. So in order to arrive at a reasonable conclusion as to what alternative clothing is, ask yourself the question; alternative to what or who?

In the fashion world, there is a lot of volatility and what can pass today as the most accepted way of clothing will quickly be overtaken by another one tomorrow. Since today’s society is a bit more liberal people have also adopted a lot of clothing styles. This throws a spanner into the works, because one is left to wonder what alternative clothing would mean in this instance if the society has adopted the ‘anything goes’ attitude in clothing. Consequently, what is considered alternative clothing will differ from one person to another and from time to time.

For a lawyer or a banker who needs to be in a suit as required by the profession, a t-shirt and jeans can be considered as alternative clothing. A person who is into rock music and has adopted their culture of dressing might find the hip hop culture of dressing as alternative. It therefore seems like the whole alternative thing will greatly depend on one’s choice, preference, cultural or religious background. The choice of whether to consider emo, goth or punk clothing as the alternative apparel pretty much lies in ones hand, because what seems normal to one person can be considered as alternative by another person. If you have to consider what the larger population has accepted and adopted, you can easily acquire an alternative clothing by adopting a unique style of clothing as long as you put into your mind how presentable you are and the functionality of the clothing you have adopted.

In conclusion, alternative clothing can simply be considered as any unique clothing that is different from what the larger population has adopted and accepted.


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